Determine the tax most effective way to run your business!

Gaps in aligning business strategy and tax planning can lead to missed opportunities for cost reduction and unnecessary material costs and tax risks.


Optimization of tax loads during the establishment, planning for various transactions, status changes (merger, acquisition, sale of stakes, shares and the like).
  • Avoidance of Double Taxation
  • Tax planning of the complete business
  • Tax planning for transactions with foreign countries
  • The preparation or assistance in the preparation of tax balance and other accompanying forms in accordance with the local tax regulations
  • Monitoring the company’s compliance with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Serbia
  • Providing advice in the area of transfer prices, possibilities for using tax reliefs
  • Audit and control of internal accounting rules and tax procedures
  • The preparation of objections to the records and complaints on the tax authorities on your behalf
  • The diagnostic company inspections from the tax aspects for the needs of potential investors and the need to achieve the maximum effect (tax due diligence)
  • Emergency telephone /e-mail support in all tax matters


"INEX-M" Agency was established on 22. June 2009. Agency owner is Milan Jeremic, who is apart from that general manager in "Mineks" d.o.o. - the company which is with over than 20 years of existing the oldest bookkeeping company in the Region of Western Serbia.


Transactions between related parties both domestic and multinational corporations are increasingly becoming the focus of the Tax Administration. In this sense, companies are still struggling with the challenges in ensuring adequate supporting documentation on transfer pricing, tax assessment of risks arising from transactions with related parties, as well as adequate representation of their positions prior to the tax authorities – the explanation of its reasons, intercompany transactions and justification for using transfer prices.


We keep the books for more than 40 companies in Valjevo and Belgrade, among of them two international companies. Our clients are the companies in the various fields of business, such as manufacturers, export-import companies, wholesalers, retail copmanies, travel agencies, even public enterprises.



Agencija INEKS-M Hajduk Veljkova 28/I 14000 Valjevo,
Milan Jeremic, owner:
Phone +381 14 247-471
247-470, 244-777
Mobile: +381 63 214 329
Fax: +381 14 247-471